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DITA Blackout Series: a New Collection of Sunglasses

DITA has launched a new collection of sunglasses called the Blackout series, exclusively yours at Designer Eyes. The Blackout collection features three of the most popular DITA sunglasses with blacked-out titanium hardware and black polarized lenses.

Celebrating 20 years as an industry-leading sunglasses brand, their new release offers an innovative reboot on an already strong collection. Meshing the strong, powerful frames with a modern twist gives this collection a sleek and lean look with all the signature DITA details and luxurious materials you’ve come to expect from the iconic brand.

The DITA brand goes into stealth mode by taking some of its top frames, such as the Alkamx, Subsystem, and the Flight.006, and re-creating them with the “black treatment.”

Recreating the frames through the use of Black Iron titanium hardware, a Matte Black acetate, and dark polarized lenses give DITA an edgy collection for the ages. Already piggy-backing off the famous brands’ line, these best-selling frames still use lightweight, yet strong materials to make them malleable for all wearers.

Already strong in the sunglasses industry, the DITA frames have a similar blackout treatment and offer a less harmful experience by blocking out 90% of blue light and dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

This unique Blackout series is a new collection of sunglasses, yet embraces its iconic heritage with the following three frames:


DITA’s Flight.006 is an homage to the bravery of the fighter pilots who fought in the war. The post-war inspired frames give off a swagger and boldness that properly conveys the iconic era with a modern, powerful new look.


DITA’s dedication to innovation with the Alkamx is second to none with its pressed-line details on the lens rims, end pieces, and temples. Showing off DITA’s exemplary attention to detail and drawing inspiration from its precursor, the Midnight-Special, the Alkamx is the wave of the future of DITA’s classic aviator line.


The Subsystem line is a result of DITA’s most highly-detailed and elaborate titanium aviators to date. The Subsystem features an angular brow bar and a dual-tone titanium construction with very fine detailed pressed lines that line up through the temples to the end pieces.

 Exclusively at Designer Eyes

With all things exclusive, the state-of-the-art collection won’t last long. With Designer Eyes being one of the few that will carry the Blackout line from DITA, make sure to shop online or visit one of our boutiques to get fitted for your pair today.

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