Benefits of Blue Light Glasses
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Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

The eyewear experts at Designer Eyes take a closer look at the benefits of Blue Light glasses to help protect our eyes from harmful exposures from everyday technology use.

Blue light can be defined as shortwave light from a spectrum of colors that are visible to the human eye. The wavelength of the blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is somewhere between 400-500 nanometers and the peak damage occurs at 440 nanometers.

Blue light can be found everywhere – from the rays of the sun to computers, laptops, and smartphones. Even though we keep getting exposed to the sun while outside, people are getting exposed to blue light more than ever with our growing, around-the-clock attachments to smartphones and devices.

Because of the ongoing and excessive blue light exposure, blue light protection has been strongly advised for those on devices throughout the day.

There are many reasons to add blue light to your glasses and it starts with protecting your eyes.

Exposure from Screens

There are multiple benefits to blue light glasses for those who spend most of their days in front of screens.

Because blue light is constantly being emitted, one can often find it hard to focus on a screen for a long period of time. Eye strain is a common result of blue light exposure and having the right protection will help alleviate some of that strain.

Further exacerbating the eye strain, one might endure headaches and migraines that can come as a result of excessive eye strain. Eye diseases are also at a higher risk when exposed to blue light as opposed to exposure to natural sunlight, if not protected correctly.

With Designer Eyes, we are always keeping up with the latest in cutting-edge glasses technology and recommend adding blue light to your optical solutions.

Blue light glasses were created precisely to combat blue light exposure and can help reduce the overall exposure one would normally endure on a day-to-day basis.

Blue Light TechnologyBenefits of Blue Light Glasses

When buying glasses with blue light filter technology, you will be able to enhance your focus and eliminate eye strain and as a result, become less tired and have improved productivity. Taking frequent breaks beyond wearing the correct eyewear technology can also go a long way in preventing too much blue light exposure.

Studies show that excessive blue light exposure can lead to negative sleep patterns. Because blue light gives off an energetic frequency, it can cause added alertness and delay our normal sleep routines.

Another great advantage of blue light glasses is that they can prevent the early onset of eye diseases or blindness. Giving yourself this important preventative measure on your eyes can keep you productive, alert, and free of further unnecessary harmful impacts of blue light on your eyes.

Blue Light Glasses with Designer Eyes

At Designer Eyes, we offer blue light glasses with all the latest, cutting-edge technology to help you combat blue light exposure.

Check out the latest in blue light technology here.

Next time you’re purchasing eyeglasses on, make sure to add blue light as an added option in your cart, or come visit one of our boutiques and an eyewear specialist will be sure to help you out with the best options possible.

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