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National Sunglasses Day: Protecting Your Eyes with Style

National Sunglasses Day: An Introduction

Started by the Vision Council in order to promote awareness of the harmful effects brought on by exposure to the sun’s dangerous UV rays, National Sunglasses Day is observed annually on the 27th of June, closely aligned with the beginning of the summer season. We’re always looking forward to summer all year, and now’s the time to make sure we’re ready for it. While summer is known for fun in the sun and laid-back vibes, it’s this time of the year we need to be more careful with  UV rays becoming even more dangerous.

The Dangers of UV Rays

Discovered in 1801 by Johann Wilhelm Ritter 1, UV radiation, and the consequent modes of protection from exposure to this kind of radiation, have loomed on the mind of many as a threat to overall health and wellness. While some amount of UV exposure is beneficial because of the vitamin D our bodies create as a result of the exposure, the consensus is that these rays can and will have a negative impact on your eyes if they’re unprotected. Damage from this exposure can cause all sorts of eye issues, such as cataracts, and pterygium, leading to a degeneration of the cornea, lens, and retina. It’s really as simple as this: if you care about the health of your eyes and your long-term vision goals, UV protection should be at the top of your list of eyewear requirements.

UV Protection Meets Iconic Style

Designer Eyes offer a shopping experience that offers a full range of sunglasses with complete protection against UV rays, without sacrificing the iconic styling and aesthetics.

Shop The Cartier Collection

Known for their iconic frames and renowned craftsmanship, Cartier spares no expense when designing and manufacturing world-class eyewear. Featuring signature buffalo horn temples, both of these pairs epitomize the refined aesthetics Cartier is known for. While the CT0272S offers a more masculine, larger coverage area and the CT0017RS provides a more compact, lightweight feel, both are sure to exceed the highest standards of any eyewear connoisseur. Shop both of these, available right now at Designer Eyes, and grab the perfect combination of style and UV protection.





Shop Cartier

Shop The Dior Collection

Designed in Paris by world-famous artisans and made with the highest quality materials, Dior is an absolute force in the world of European fashion houses. Seen on the faces of the hottest influencers such as Instagram sensations, Karen Sarahi and Matilda Djerf,  these pairs are at the forefront of the latest celebrity styling trends. Made of lightweight, high-quality materials, these pieces provide show-stopping looks with an airy feel. Shop for either of these and grab your new favorite mix of sophisticated chic and UV protection, available right now at Designer Eyes.

DiorBlacksuit S5I

DiorBlacksuit S5I

Signature B1U

Signature B1U

Shop Dior

Shop The Balmain Collection

Built on the rich tradition of novelty and individuality, Balmain continues to be one of the most sought-after brands on the luxury market today. Known for making big fashion statements, Balmain’s been setting trends and disrupting the fashion industry since the very beginning in 1945. Featuring large, oversized frames made of powerful titanium (Wonderboy) and durable acetate (B-IV), neither of these will fail to leave a lasting impression on those around you. Shop these pairs, both available at Designer Eyes for an unmatched pairing of timeless design and UV protection.

Balmain - Wonderboy LTD Silver-Matte Bone W/ Shield: Dark Grey Gradient

Balmain – Wonderboy LTD Silver-Matte Bone W/ Shield: Dark Grey Gradient

Balmain - B - IV BPS-118C Bone Black Gold/Dark Grey Gradient

Balmain – B – IV BPS-118C Bone Black Gold/Dark Grey Gradient

Shop Balmain

Shop The Maui Jim Collection

Born on Maui’s sun-drenched beaches, Maui Jim continues to spark a passion for adventures and discovery, while maintaining the highest level of UV protection for fans of this emblematic brand. Whether you’re on the boat fishing for that next big trophy catch or cruising the coastline with your family, this brand gets the job done. If you want the daytime, rugged look, the Red Sands model might be for you, but if you’re into a more casual approach, the Lighthouse model might suit you best. Shop both of these for a brand new explosive combination of performance and UV protection available right now at Designer Eyes.

Maui Jim - Red Sands Matte Black/Blue Hawaii

Maui Jim – Red Sands Matte Black/Blue Hawaii

Maui Jim - Lighthouse Rootbeer/HCL Bronze

Maui Jim – Lighthouse Rootbeer/HCL Bronze

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The Science Behind UV Rays

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