New Jacques Marie Mage Collaboration
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New Jacques Marie Mage Collaboration

A new Jacques Marie Mage collaboration has been released and is now available exclusively at  Designer Eyes.

Jacques Marie Mage is proud to announce the next limited-edition expression to emerge from our ongoing collaboration with tastemaker Alessandro Squarzi. Reflecting our mutual commitment to quality and timeless design, this newest iteration of the ENZO represents a unique vision of an esteemed classic. Available in three original color stories, these bold handcrafted spectacles feature our signature arrowhead hinge and a newly developed wirecore design with ornate engravings reminiscent of the refined silverwork adorning Old West revolvers. Powerful frames for a powerful personality, each pair of glasses are accompanied by a collectible utility case and custom cleaning cloth.

The three original color combinations are the latest in a long line of iconic frames from the French-born designer. This unique alliance with famed tastemaster Alessandro Squarzi combines elaborate, handcrafted engravings with a timeless design we’ve come to expect from Jacques Marie Mage.

Alessandro Squarzi is a famed Italian entrepreneur in the fashion industry and is renowned for being one of the most pictured men in men’s fashion.

Through his interactions with Jacques Marie Mage, the two fashion icons combined forces to create one of the most elegant, yet powerful men’s glasses on the market today.

The Enzo frames, inspired by Enzo Ferrari of the famed automobile maker, use premium Japanese acetate and 18k gold designs on the tension-secured hinge, front pin, and the wire core design to solidify this formidable collection.

As an evolution of the famed Enzo frames, the new Jacque Marie Mage collaboration comes in three distinct colors: Santos, Nero, and Beige.

The Santos features an exposed wirecore frame in breathtaking dark gold with a dusk lens color. The Nero frames are silver with an inner wirecore and highland lens color. While the Beige frames also feature an exposed wirecore and feature an orange lens color to offset its silver hardware color.

Each pair of the upscale Alessandro Squarzi Enzo frames are meticulously packaged with care in an elaborate Jacques Marie Mage case and packaging to ensure the spectacles are handled with care. Also included is a letter of authentication and a JMM-branded cleaning cloth to maintain your pair’s pristine condition.

Each unique in its own right, the revolutionary Enzo collection has graced the faces of the luxurious high-end and celebrity communities. The new JMM collection can be yours exclusively through Designer Eyes.

Find out how to be one of the first to procure these exceptional frames by reaching out to one of our customer support representatives and be one of the first to grace this special collaboration.

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