Transformative Silhouette Eyeglasses

Transformative Silhouette Eyeglasses is proud to announce the arrival of modern, state-of-the-art transformative Silhouette eyeglasses collection this fall. Silhouette proudly embraces its Austrian roots as it remains the face of innovative eyewear. A combination of exquisite design and high-quality since 1964, Silhouette combines meticulous craftsmanship with a passion for innovation, creating a timeless design uniquely suited for the wearer.

The Silhouette eyeglasses collection remains true to Silhouette’s masterful design while achieving a lightweight design that has yet to be paralleled. The result will astound and express individuality to each wearer. Each design is anchored by a set of key principles.

Revolutionizing the world with its lightness and high standards, Silhouette always pushes the limits of its production technique and modern materials.

Silhouette’s passion for creating beauty remains true as they devote themselves to making works of exquisite eyewear.

Silhouette eyeglasses are designed with unique shapes, colors, and forms in order to create an expressive style that invites the wearer’s unique personality.

As a pillar of their craft, all Silhouette eyewear is created with pure materials to form the lightest eyeglasses.

Exquisite Design
Standing behind a flair for innovation and beauty, the new Silhouette collection is designed to be especially classic and modern.

In this featured line of full-rim, half-rim and rimless eyeglasses, each frame bestows incomparable lightness and high-quality craftsmanship. These frames can be fit with blue block lenses and a large assortment of prescription lens options.

As a source for the latest in exclusive eyewear by Silhouette, we at Designer Eyes proudly showcase these featured styles online and in our boutiques.

Silhouette – EOS View 2929 Dark Grey Unisex Eyeglasses – 51mm

The EOS View eyeglasses are unisex and features a captivatingly dimensional shape. The form of the glasses is robust, yet lightweight. The frames are a testament to Silhouette’s innovative design and blissful comfort.

Silhouette - EOS View 2929 Dark Grey Unisex Eyeglasses

Silhouette – Blend 5555 Iced Blossom Unisex Eyeglasses – 52mm

These rimless eyeglasses feature a beautiful lens shape along with a durable, high-quality titanium frame. The lens shape is unlike that of any other found at Designer Eyes. These eyeglasses are magnificent for the stylish wearer who seeks a near-weightless frame and an experience of unobstructed vision.

Silhouette - Blend 5555 Iced Blossom Unisex Eyeglasses

Silhouette – 2916 Moonlight Silver Rectangle Unisex Eyeglasses – 52mm

These Silhouette frames combine seeing through limitless boundaries and beautiful craftsmanship. The ease of these frames are a trademark of the Silhouette brand.

Silhouette - 2916 Moonlight Silver Rectangle Unisex Eyeglasses Has the Latest Silhouette Eyewear

Designer Eyes has you covered with a curated collection of the Silhouette’s most comfortable eyewear. We are proud to be one of a few distributors of the elegant eyewear with their sleek and masterful collection.


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