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Designer Eyes Grand Opening

The 6th store in the Designer Eyes line of luxury eyewear locations and the company’s second in Puerto Rico is now serving guests from all over the world. Featuring some of the most sought-after, high-end brands on the market today, the new San Juan location is providing a new point of contact between the company and a brand-new community of eyewear connoisseurs. The Designer Eyes grand opening event, held on the 9th of August, went as beautifully as our vast selection of rare eyewear. Featuring freshly prepared food from Miami’s legendary Barsecco chefs, alongside live instrumentation, our team’s goal was to share our vision with San Juan, and that we did. Unparalleled luxury meets exclusive customer experiences; that’s the Designer Eye’s vision.

The Experience

Designer Eyes Grand Opening

During our grand opening, and every day to follow, our top priority is the unrivaled luxury eyewear shopping experience only Designer Eyes can offer. Designed with the customer in mind, our new facility is a welcoming and inviting place for diverse shoppers from all walks of life. As a thriving metropolitan city, enjoyed by international tourists and locals alike, the team is bringing their utmost respect for the rich Puerto Rican culture and community that’s been more than welcoming to the Designer Eyes family. Our team is poised to serve this historic city as best we can for years to come.

On-Site Optometry

Designer Eyes Grand Opening

Featuring our fully bilingual optometrist, Dr. Daphne Aponte brings a decades-long career’s worth of expertise to this vibrant community. Working hand-in-hand with our Designer Eyes in-store staff, she’s ensuring each customer has access to the very latest in vision care. Whether a thorough eye examination is required, or one of our valued customers needs to be fitted with the perfect frame, our team is more than ready to impress upon our guests the value we’ve placed on world-class service.

This location offers some of the most advanced optical lenses on the market today. Our new store carries transition lenses, the hottest light-responses eyeglasses on the market today, Crizal’s top-of-the-line anti-glare technology, Variluxs’ premium progressive lenses, and much more. Each one of these lenses can be custom-fitted onto your favorite frames in no time.

Lens Options

Exclusive Brands

Aside from the unmatched, wide range of luxury sunglasses and optical solutions we offer, Designer Eyes has earned the right to be an authorized dealer of some of the most sought-after brands in the world, such as Cartier, Jacques Marie Mage, and Chrome Hearts, just to name a few. This is an achievement we don’t take lightly, and our efforts to wow our customers with these brands will reflect the seriousness with which we take this distinguished title. Our entire team takes pride in being able to offer these items, as we feel it’s a necessary part of the luxury shopping experience Designer Eyes customers have come to expect. Exclusive items along with customer care as grand as our openings; that’s the Designer Eyes vision.

Designer Eyes Grand Opening

Designer Eyes Grand Opening

Designer Eyes Grand Opening

Brand New Designer Eyes Location

Grand Opening - Plaza Las Americas

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