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Ray-Ban Frames: A Century of Iconic Eyewear

ray-ban frames

The History of Ray-Ban

In 1929, as planes were beginning to fly higher and farther, U.S. Colonel John A. Macready began to work with medical equipment manufacturer, Bausch & Lomb to create a pair of sunglasses to protect pilots from glare and the intense hues of the sky. These were frames that protected the wearer, without obstructing vision. These were the first ever Ray-Ban frames.

As World War II raged on, America’s Air Force pilots began to rely on Ray-Ban sunglasses to protect their vision, and through this necessity, the brand began to innovate. Gradient lenses were a favorite of the pilots, due to the coating on the top of the lenses for enhanced protection, while an uncoated lower lens provided a clear view of their plane’s instrument panel. These innovations weren’t just limited to the military, as regular civilians wanted the same kind of technology in their sunglasses as well. As word spread outside of the military, Hollywood decided the frames were more than stylish enough to feature on the big screen. By the time influential artists started wearing them, the brand’s notoriety began to increase exponentially.

By the 1970s, Ray-Ban had over 60 unique models and the company expanded into the prescription eyewear market. Featured in some of the biggest hits of the time, the sunglasses were displayed prominently in movies like The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, and Top Gun. Each a box office force, the type of promotion early Wayfarer and Aviator model received is legendary. By the time they were a staple in Michael Jackson’s wardrobe, the brand had reached near iconic status among eyewear brands.

The company remained successful into the new millennium and was bought for almost 700 million. While the brand has been around for almost a century, the same revolutionary spirit lives in each pair, along with a sense of humility made possible by the necessity they were created by. Worn today by the likes of Alicia Keys, Mike Tomlin and more, these frames are as popular as it gets.

Our expert staff has taken the time to select some of our favorite items from the most iconic frames the brand has to offer. These are our favorite Ray-Ban frames.

Ray-Ban Frames: Our Favorite Icons

Our Favorite Aviators

Among the most famous frames in the history of eyewear, Aviators by Ray-Ban have been worn by some of the biggest stars in entertainment. With big lenses and a light frame for comfort, these sunglasses got to where they are for a reason. Shop yours at Designer Eyes or at any of our boutiques today.

Ray Ban – RB3584N

Ray Ban – Aviator Classic

Ray Ban – Aviator

Our Favorite Clubmasters

A favorite of the stylistically inclined, the Clubmaster is as stylish and unique as an American frame gets. Seemingly related to the wayfarer, these were inspired by mid-century chic trends that the brand keeps alive today. Shop your new pair at Designer Eyes or at any of our boutiques today.

Ray Ban – Clubmaster

Ray Ban – Clubmaster Mock

Ray Ban – Blaze Clubmaster

Our Favorite Wayfarers

Made famous by the stars who sported them in some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, fans have turned these frames into national icons. Always trendy, this style’s appeal has lasted almost 70 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Shop yours at Designer Eyes or at any of our boutiques today.

Ray-Ban Frames

Ray Ban – New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Frames

Ray Ban – Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Frames

Ray Ban – New Wayfarer

Our Favorite Erika’s

A perfect blend of Ray-Ban’s previous styles, the Erika sunglasses have the same attention to detail that the Clubmasters have, with a lighter frame that is ready for all face shapes. With style as iconic as this, it’s no surprise they’re among the brand’s most popular frames. Grab your pair at Designer Eyes or at any of our boutiques today.

Ray-Ban Frames


Ray-Ban Frames

ERIKA – 865/13

Ray-Ban Frames

ERIKA – 600068

Our favorite Ray-Ban RX Frames

You’ll find that’s name attention to detail that made Ray-Ban famous in their RX line of eyeglasses. Get your perfect pair for reading or playing, and stay stylish while you’re at it. Grab your pair of Ray-Ban RX at Designer Eyes or at any of our boutiques today

Ray-Ban Frames

RX5169 – 2034

Ray-Ban Frames

RX5279 – 5540

Ray-Ban Frames

RX3691V – 3122

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