Dior Spring Summer Collection 2021

DIOR Spring Summer Collection 2021 – Sunglasses and Glasses

DIOR has been a paradigm of bold and imaginative designs since its inception, and the DIOR Spring Summer Collection 2021 sunglasses collection does not disappoint with DIOR’s revolutionary creativity in full bloom. As one of the top retailers in exclusivity and all the latest collections, Designer Eyes is proud to house the bold new collection with all the conveniences you’ve come to love and count on with Designer Eyes.

Designer Eyes and DIOR have collaborated to parlay the excellence synonymous with DIOR in this highlighted exclusive collection.

The DIOR spring summer collection is an amalgamation of oversized-shaped summer sunglasses and minimalist metal frames fused together to roll out the perfect summer collection for every personality. Some highlights from the collection include the DIOR Xtrem Mu and DIOR club for women, both showcasing the iconic CD logo in unique oblique detailing.

The men’s collection includes ready-to-wear, stylish sporty designs for the everyday man in classic DIOR fashion and style.

DIOR’s Spring Summer Women’s Collection:

The Spring / Summer Women’s Collection showcases DIOR’s trend-setting fashion with the launch of a new line to go with their usual stylish brand known all over the world. Fashioned for the contemporary woman looking to channel their self-expression and confidence its timeless elegance balances with bold statements, DIOR gives women the fortitude to go out in style and conviction, making them stand out from the pack.

DiorClub V1U

The distinctive, innovative design on the sportswear visor is sure to turn heads. With the white “CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS” signature subtly contrasting the structure, loudly showcasing the brand proudly. The design, complete with a silver mirrored DIOR Oblique look, will help you make a statement with the iconic DIOR glamor and style.

Dior Spring Summer Collection

DiorClub Line

This impressive collection features rectangular-shaped mask-type sunglasses with a sporty appeal. Giving off a modern and graphic touch, the design lends itself to refinery and detail with its shiny-finish “CHRISTIAN DIOR” signature and acetate frames.

Dior Club m1u - Dior Spring Summer Collection

DiorSignature Line

This new institutional line features a modern and elegant design. The graphical effect on the frames gives off a distinguished look through its many volumes and curves. The temples are ornamented with the iconic CHRISTIAN DIOR signature and further enhanced with a gold-finish metal line that gives off the class and sophistication DIOR has long been known for.

Dior Signature s1u - Dior Spring Summer Collection Dior Signature r1uDior Signature a1u

DiorSolar Line

The DiorSolar style extravagantly showcases an oversized square shape that is accentuated by an ultra-thin frame. A matte-finished “CHRISTIAN DIOR” signature is stamped on the frame, creating a wide contrasting effect for this modern pair. These sunglasses create a statement with added flair and style to any ensemble.

Dior Solar s1u Dior Solar s2u

30 Montaigne

Recently unveiled, this signature line boasts an oversized square shape highlighted by an unflinching style. Adorned with the “CD” signature in a gold-finish metal, the new rectangular flat top shape gives off an elegance only defined by DIOR.

30 Montaigne S2U - Dior Spring Summer Collection

Archidior Line

This line offers a modern spin on the iconic fork signature. The complex design offers a beautiful blend of colorful metal and acetate. It will highlight any look and accentuate one’s femininity through its curves and highlights.

Archi Dior S1U Archi Dior S2U

DiorStellaire Line

This distinctive, lightweight style gives off an ample square shape lens with a feminine shade. The ultra-thin metal frames showcases the shaded lenses that will make any woman’s face pop.

Dior Stellaire s1u

Women’s Summer 21 Optical Collection

GemDior O

This timeless optical style features a hand-applied enamel on the metal temple, combining the beautiful metal shape with pastel color. The unique oversized geometric or Windsor rim eyeglasses are finished with CD detailing.

GemDior r2u GemDior - Au

30 Montaigne Mini O Line

This unique style offers a new take on the signature “CD” hinge in a diminutive version. These exquisite rectangular-shaped acetate frames reveals a “30MONTAIGNE” logo embossed on the inside of one temple inspired by its namesake.

30 Montaigne Mini r2i 30 Montaigne Mini si 30 Montaigne Mini b2i

DiorSpirit O Line

This signature style takes its inspiration from the CHRISTIAN DIOR tote bag and created a new optical line. It is finished with logo lettering at the temples and featuring a new butterfly shape.

Dior SpiritO - B2I

DIOR’s Spring Summer Men Collection

The DIOR Spring Summer Collection for men gives the modern-day man a contemporary look combined with sophistication and creativity, allowing for individuality and style. Showcasing a wide variety of sport styles, pilot-shaped lenses and square options, DIOR has expanded their line with two new timeless lines to their repertoire. All of DIOR’s lenses come with multiple color variations, each more astounding than the next. The DIOR line proudly bears the “DIOR” or “CD” signatures that show the world its high-fashion sense, elegance and boldness.


These striking pilot shape sunglasses offer a modern look with distinctive detailing. With its DiorOblique photochromic lenses, it gives urban sunwear absolute style and technical appeal.

DiorEssential a2u - Dior Spring Summer Collection


The perfect sunglasses for outdoor use and activities, this water-repellent treated line wows with its extreme boldness and innovative design. Easily fastened with magnetic “CD” signature rivets, this men’s style has a stylish yet sporty appeal.

Dior Xtrem m2u - Dior Spring Summer Collection


This elegant style highlights a pantos-shaped sunglasses design complete with a double bridge, spoilers and cylindrical hinges on the frames. This style gives off sophistication and detail with a technicity for men of all shapes and sizes.

NeoDior RU


The DiorIce style combines the iconic pilot shape frame with bold and stylish trimmings. The bridge of the frame elaborates hand-applied Swarovski crystals, further embellished by a round “CD” signature. Other details include a “CD” rivet and an engraving line indicative of a sewing thread.

Dior Ice AU - Dior Spring Summer Collection

Men’s Summer 21 Optical Collection

DiorEssential O

These new round-shaped glasses are heightened with a key hole bridge. The classic CHRISTIAN DIOR rivet signature and unique cut line lasered in gives it the iconic DIOR touch, creating sophistication and elegance.

Dior Essential O r2i

NeoDior O

NeoDior SU NeoDior RU

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