The Statement Shades of Summer 2019: The Dior SoLight Collection
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The Statement Shades of Summer 2019: The Dior SoLight Collection

Need a pair of sunglasses to turn heads this summer? The Dior SoLight sunglasses are your answer.

For over 20 years, Dior sunglasses have been a hot commodity and both a fashion and closet staple for many. The fashion powerhouse is known for its bold styles, as well as taking risks, both of which were very much pronounced in the Dior Summer 2019 show. As sunglasses fanatics, we could not keep our eyes off of one collection: the Dior SoLight sunglasses.

The collection is comprised of the Dior SoLight 1 and the Dior SoLight 2, which are both oversized sunnies that are bound to make a statement, causing them to be the perfect summer accessory. The Dior SoLight 1 feature a wide, square shaped frame, whereas the Dior SoLight 2 have a chunkier, more rectangular shaped framed. Both pairs of sunglasses are made from innovative, ultra-light material, so although they are oversized in nature, they are, well how do we say this, SoLight.

Dior SoLight 1

The DiorSoLight 1 are a unique pair of oversized sunniest because of their mask effect. These frames are made from flexible nylon, which further contributes to their unique nature since they are large and in charge, but lightweight and comfortable at the same time. The SoLight 1 have large, gradient lenses that offer both 100% UVA and UVB protection. The sunnies are available in three distinct color combinations: black frames with shaded gray lenses, ivory frames with light pink lenses and pink frames with clear lenses.

SoLight 1 Black Frames:

SoLight 1 Ivory Frames:

SoLight 1 Pink Frames:

Dior SoLight 2

The DiorSoLight 2 have an ultra-thin, curved frame unlike most other oversized shades, which makes them quite unique. Made from the same flexible nylon as their collection counterpart, these frames also weigh virtually nothing, making them both comfortable to wear and have on-hand for sun emergencies. Their monochromatic lenses are stylish and protective at the same time, as they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. These sunnies come in four varieties: dark blue frames with dark blue lenses, black frames with gray lenses, brown frames with brown lenses and light pink frames with clear lenses.

SoLight 2 Dark Blue Frames:

SoLight 2 Black Frames:

SoLight 2 Brown Frames:

SoLight 2 Light Pink Frames:

What Are You Waiting For?

Thanks to Dior, the days of cumbersome shades are long gone. The DiorSoLight 1 and the DiorSoLight 2 allow you to rock a bold, oversized pair of sunnies that are lightweight, flexible and, most importantly, stylish. These sunnies are the perfect balance of subtle, yet striking, which is a combination we do not often see executed successfully. If you are craving a bold shade for this summer’s activities, Dior has surely got you covered. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair, or two, of frames from this amazing collection.

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