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DITA for Men: Redefining Eyewear with the Latest in High-End Fashion

DITA For Men: The Latest

DITA - The Latest

As renowned as any eyewear brand in the world, the collection of DITA for men is as next-level as it gets. Featuring some of the most masculine styling on the market today, function truly meets form in this line of sunglasses and eyeglasses. With the latest offering by DITA, the brand takes its bold attitude and fine craftsmanship to its logical conclusion: the intersection of unmatched design and unparalleled attention to detail. Offering the latest in lens technology for UV protection and premium Japanese acetates, these pairs are as sophisticated and advanced as it gets. Shop your next DITA frames at Designer Eyes online or at any of our fine boutiques.

dita for men


dita for men


dita for men


dita for men


DITA For Men: The Must-Haves

DITA Must-Haves

Offering some of the most iconic and well-known DITA accents and design techniques, these are the must-have pairs of sunglasses, all available right now at Designer Eyes. Whether it’s LXN-EVO frame to the Souliner-One shape, you’ll be sure to make an impression while wearing a pair as rugged and sophisticated as these. Featuring gold accents, beautiful lens gradients, or some of the strongest Zyl acetates on the market today, these frames get it right. Take your wardrobe up a notch with any of these four, or any of the items available right now in the DITA collection at Designer Eyes. Worn by stars and athletes like Aaron Rodgers, DITA frames are equal parts style and substance.

dita for men


dita for men


dita for men


dita for men

Midnight Special

DITA For Men: The Eyeglasses

DITA EyeglassesWhen it comes to eyeglasses, DITA pays the same attention to their optical frames as they do to their sunglass frames. Classic lines meet premium comfort on these ultra-luxe frames, designed to see and be seen. The same styling and aesthetic that’s offered on the brand’s world-famous frames are ready to take your prescription lenses to the next level. Browse any of these below here and in our DITA optical collection, or head over to the Designer Eyes optical collection for the best selection of high-end eyeglasses today.

dita for men

Statesman DT




The Legendary Grandmaster

What’s there to say about the Grandmaster series that hasn’t already been said? From the materials used during the manufacturing process, to the man hours it takes to design and conceptualize these frames, the Grandmaster-Seven is a marvel of eyewear design. Available right now at Designer Eyes, shop the DITA Grandmaster-Seven and experience the difference that true refinement makes in a pair of perfectly handcrafted sunglasses.

Grandmaster - Seven

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