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Oakley Sports Sunglasses: A Game-Changer for Baseball & Football Enthusiasts

Oakley has become one of the top performers in sports frames. Whether you’re snowboarding on snowy mountains or surfing the next big wave, Oakley sports sunglasses can help you reach your greatest heights on the field of play. Check out two of the most popular sports that are well underway at the moment: football and baseball. With as many exciting stars in the league as the NFL and MLB have today, it’s no wonder fans are flocking to check out what the pros are wearing on and off the field.

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Baseball

As the MLB season is more than halfway complete, we’ve already had a chance to see what the star players have to offer. Whether you saw Reid Detmer pitch a no-hitter back in May or watched Vladamir Guerrero hit three homers in one game, you know there are probably more highlights where those came from. None of those big in-game moments would’ve been possible without hours upon hours of batting and pitching practice, much of which has to be done with the latest in eyewear technology to protect the eyes of the players.

You don’t need to be a star player like Francisco Lindor to get the most out of your sunglasses, you just need to grab a pair and start your journey.

Check out some of the latest pairs that are designed specifically for the types of movements baseball players, and most other athletes, for that matter, have to perform regularly. From the most advanced PRIZM lenses for contrast and clarity to cooling vents to keep you cool in the hot weather of the MLB’s final regular season months. Shop any of these at the Designer Eyes Oakley collection or at any of our exclusive boutiques.

Oakley – Flak 2.0 Xl

Oakley – Radar Ev Path

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Oakley – Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Football

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

With pre-season in full swing, the rookie class is doing all it takes to make the final cut and veterans are taking it easy before the season starts. Whether a running back with a need for reflective helmet mirrors or a quarterback with a need for big coverage for training camp drills, athletes in the NFL need to train and play with the best possible gear. This is where Oakley’s lens and comfort technologies come in. Today’s top athletes, especially football players need to be able to train in the summer heat to get into season shape and that summer heat, as we all know, comes with some serious UV rays.

You don’t have to be the Super Bowl MVP of your league to maximize your eyewear experience, you just need to put them on and see the difference for yourself.

Browse through the latest Designer Eyes Oakley collection to see some of the latest advancements in sports performance wear. Starting with Oakley’s signature Three-Point Fit, which actually forms a tighter, grippier feel as they get wet from the sweat, a great feature for anyone playing in this particular kind of heat. Many of the pairs also feature O Matter frames and High Definition Optics, making the sunglasses even lighter and significantly improving the visual clarity of competing eyewear brands. Shop these and the rest of the Oakley collection at Designer Eyes or at any of our exclusive boutiques.

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Oakley – Sutro Lite

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Oakley – Sutro

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Oakley – Sutro Lite

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