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Prada Eyewear: A Century of Fashion Excellence

The Story of Prada

The story of Prada eyewear can’t be told without first going over the celebrated history of the iconic Italian fashion house.

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, the brand was originally named ‘Fratelli Prada,’ and specialized in premium leather goods. Control of the company eventually landed in the hands of Mario’s daughter, Luisa, who managed Parada for over 20 years before handing the torch to her daughter, Miuccia in 1978. This was when the brand began its upward trajectory towards international acclaim.

Through the help of Patrizio Bertelli, whom she met in 1977, Miuccia began producing totes and handbags which would eventually become Prada’s first commercial success. In the years to come, she would release various totes and expand the business into several other European cities, releasing a shoe line. By 1985, the scene was set for mass recognition as she released the classic handbag that would catapult the brand into the fashion world’s collective consciousness.

Miu Miu, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary named after Miuccia, was launched in 1992 and catered to a younger, trendier audience, which helped the brand reach new audiences while keeping the Prada brand hot and fresh. By the mid-1990s, Prada’s sales had reached hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and the brand’s international notoriety began to skyrocket. After a series of corporate acquisitions, Prada’s foothold in the industry continued to grow and remains a powerhouse to this day.

The Start of Prada Eyewear

With the help of the De Rigo Group, Prada launched its first eyewear line in 1999. Since then, the brand has been able to maintain steady growth through mainstream adoption in a variety of mediums. Whether prominently showcased on the faces of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities or on some of entertainment’s biggest starts such as DDG and Victoria Fawole, Prada eyewear has a knack for showing up at the right place at the right time.

The brand preserves its reputation for quality craftsmanship through impeccable standards as high as its customer’s expectations. The same attention to detail given to the ready-to-wear collections is assigned to each Prada eyewear line, which is core to the identity of both the sunglasses and optical variants. Only this kind of attention to detail can produce and maintain the standard of elegance and beauty found in each Prada eyewear pair, whether for men or women. Whether looking for the latest styles seen on the hottest actors on the silver screen, or true and tested classics that never fall out of favor, Prada eyewear has the right piece for the perfect fashion statement. Get yours at Designer Eyes or at one of our boutiques today!

Prada Eyewear: Sunglasses for Him

Prada’s signature styling can be seen in every item the brand produces, but nowhere is this styling more acutely exhibited than in the latest line of sunglasses. Available at Designer Eyes right now, these pairs represent everything Prada has put into the brand to make it what it is today. With frames worn by the hottest stars, a pair of sunglasses by the 100-year-old Italian fashion house are exactly what’s needed to complete a statement outfit.

Prada – PR17YS

Prada – PR 61WS

Prada – PR06YS

Prada Eyewear: Sunglasses for Her

When it comes to glamour and luxury in frame design, not many high-end brands come close to the reputation that has been built over the last century. Available at Designer Eyes right now, these pairs represent everything Prada has put into the brand to make it what it is today. With big curves and refined edges, the brand’s feminine frames stand out while fitting in with the brand’s beloved motifs. Offering the latest in lens technology and frame materials, women’s Prada eyewear has become the modern women’s go-to frame. The woman with an unmatched ethos deserves no less than a pair of unmatched Prada sunglasses.

Prada – PR17WSF

prada eyewear

Prada – PR 07YS

prada eyewear

Prada – PR07YSF

Prada Eyewear: Men’s Optical

Prada brings the same quality and craftsmanship into their eyeglasses with some of the classiest, most beautiful frames on the market. Available at Designer Eyes right now, these pairs of optical frames are ready to be tailored to your specific prescription needs while meeting every single one of your style requirements. Shop the perfect men’s pair for work or play today.

prada eyewear

Prada – PR06YV

prada eyewear

Prada – PR12YV

prada eyewear

Prada – PR04YV

Prada Eyewear: Women’s Optical

Femininity and functionality are what the women’s line of eyeglasses is all about, whether for the woman about town or the mom tutoring her middle schooler. Available at Designer Eyes right now, these pairs of optical frames for her have the fashion sense she loves while retaining the ability to make the best first impressions. These frames are ready for her prescription and come equipped with the relentless styling unique to Prada.

prada eyewear

Prada – PR63YV

prada eyewear

Prada – PR63YV

prada eyewear

Prada – PR10YV

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