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Exploring the Fashion Journey: The Era of Balmain Eyewear

The Era of Balmain

The progression of Balmain designer eyewear could not have gotten to where it is today without the past that laid the foundation for the present.

The era of Balmain started in 1940s France. Founded by Pierre Balmain, a former architecture student, Balmain first opened its stores in Paris in 1945. Born into a French, fashion-focused family in 1914, Pierre’s mother and sister worked in a clothing boutique, and his father owned a drapery business. Surrounded by the industry at an early age, he was able to get a head start over his peers when it came to learning the ins and outs of this ever-changing business. This early exposure allowed him to hone his trend recognition and creation skills, the same skills that helped Balmain become the go-to for top celebrities on the planet today. Success and influence didn’t come overnight for him though, as he gained over a decade’s worth of experience while working at several fashion houses prior to opening his own shop. This experience helped him become a visionary, setting lasting trends throughout the fashion market.

Aside from cultivating market trends,  Balmain helped cultivate some of the best talents in the industry such as Oscar De La Renta, who led the company from the early 90s into the early 2000s. Balmain has maintained a rich tradition of only using the finest materials and working with the best available designers, a tradition that the brand has carried into each new generation, including the team in charge of the fashion house today.

Led since 2011 by 36-year-old creative director, Olivier Rousteing, the brand has continued to play a major role in moving the industry forward, whether through their hugely popular gowns, collaborations with the biggest stars, or their game-changing entries into the accessories markets. Shop your next pair of beautiful Balmain designer eyewear at one of our boutiques or online at DesignerEyes.com.

Balmain Designer Eyewear for Him

Balmain Designer Sunglasses for Him

Balmain’s signature craftsmanship extends into every one of the products they offer, and their exclusive line of men’s sunglasses is no different. Available at Designer Eyes right now, these frames exemplify everything the brand stands for and has stood for, for almost eight decades. Featuring trend-setting framed shades made for Hollywood heroes and boardroom stars alike, these sunglasses are the perfect combination of everyday elegance and legendary luxury. Leave your mark with the latest Balmain designer eyewear.


Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy II

Balmain Designer Sunglasses for Her

Balmain Designer Sunglasses for Her

When exclusivity and refined styling are atop your list of must-haves, look no further than the latest from Balmain. Available just a click away at Designer Eyes or at any of our fine boutiques today, all three of these stylish pairs have exactly what the modern woman needs in a jaw-dropping pair of sunglasses. Featuring stunning, high-quality accents and the very latest in European form, these pairs of Balmain designer eyewear provide the protection you need, with the glam you can’t go without.


Balmain Designer Eyewear


Balmain Designer Eyewear

La Royale

Balmain Designer Eyewear - Optical

Balmain Optical

At Designer Eyes, you’ll never have to compromise on style. We’ve got some of the most exclusive optical Balmain frames, ready for your lenses. Personalize your beautiful Balmain frames with prescription lenses at Designer Eyes or at one of our boutiques today. Whether you’re going for trendy or formal, we’ve got the right frame for you. Find your new favorite pair today.

Balmain Designer Eyewear

Saint Jean

Balmain Designer Eyewear

Legion – II

Balmain Designer Eyewear

Fixe Rx

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