tom ford spring summer collection 2021

Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2021

Beauty and glamour combine to create an alluring Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2021. Tom Ford always brings a modern, contemporary flair to its classic, vintage style that leaves everyone awed and inspired. With each frame methodically crafted by Italian artisans, each Tom Ford eyewear showcases innovation and inspiration to all.

With its iconic brand metal “T” on its new collection’s temples and ground-breaking eyewear technology, Tom Ford continues to turn heads all over the world. Tom Ford has always been synonymous with allure and quality, combining a breathtaking timelessness with sophistication and a modern twist.

What makes Tom Ford stand out from the rest is its meticulous attention to detail, with its over 70 steps to create every Tom Ford frame. From the iconic metal “T” to its Italian-made acetate frame, each step is more detailed and beautiful than the next. All Tom Ford frames feature 100% UV protection and feature an anti-reflective coating.

Tom Ford approves and reviews every style frame and lenses, with each of the frame names drawing inspiration from people who’ve inspired him throughout the years.

The Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2021 is the first luxury line to feature protection against harmful blue light with its Blue Block Optical Collection.

The Story of Tom Ford

Tom Ford Eyewear launched an exclusive partnership with Marcolin to help distribute and produce their eyewear collections. As an influential force in the fashion industry, Tom Ford has utilized their prominence in eyewear as a brand that drives the diversity and gives back to the community at large. Raising much-needed funds for victims of COVID-19 in the fashion world, Tom Ford, along with Anna Wintour, repurposed their CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund into a new initiative called A Common Thread.

With a strong celebrity following as a fashion connoisseur, Tom Ford has yielded over $2 billion in yearly retail sales. Along the way, their designers and manufacturers have been awarded over $5 million.

Insider Details on the Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2021

In response to the devastation and challenges that COVID-19 brought to so many, Tom Ford looked at creating a new Tom Ford Spring Summer Collection 2021 that “would make you smile.”

The new collection was inspired by a documentary watched during quarantine that highlighted the 1970’s carefree fashion scene that was overcome with a strong, infectious energy from its models.  The exuberance and relaxed spirit set the tone for the collection, full of rich tones of fuchsia and an added boldness to all the frames.

Tom Ford Features

  • Tom Ford - Metal T

    Model T

  • Tom Ford - "T" in Relief

    “T” in Relief

  • Tom Ford - Bold "T"

    Bold “T”

  • Tom Ford - Cross Front Design

    Cross Front Design

  • Tom Ford - Open Side Cut Lenses

    Open Side Cut Lenses

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