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Exploring Cutting-Edge Features: Our Favorite Oakley’s

Our Favorite Features

Oakley has some of the most advanced sunglasses on the market today, and at Designer Eyes, you’ll find a bevy of the latest from the iconic brand. Featuring cutting-edge lens technology, you’ll be able to table to tackle your most rugged adventures. Once you see how impressive our favorite Oakley features are, you’ll understand why we selected these as our favorite Oakleys.

O Matter

Oakley uses a special nylon material called O Matter for many of its frames. It’s 25% lighter than the acetate many other brands use and is twice as strong. The material is more heat and cold-resistant which prevents the frame from becoming brittle or breaking as easily. This is a big advantage when taking into account the types of outdoor activities performed while wearing Oakleys. Whether you’re on the snow or going for first place in your next motocross race, O Matter frames are up to the test.

3-Point Fit

When it comes to performance, it all starts with the right fit. Oakley’s 3-Point Fit is a patented frame technology that ensures great comfort, while only touching the wearer’s head in three places. With the bridge and rear of the temples touching the head in order to reduce pressure, wearing this pair will feel like wearing nothing at all.

PRIZM lenses

Oakley’s PRIZM lenses are designed to fine-tune vision for a variety of sports and harsh environments. This brand-new technology significantly enhances detail and contrast in order to provide huge improvements in performance and clarity in any situation. Whether for the casual businessman looking for the perfect, everyday pair, or the extreme sports enthusiasts with a penchant for rigorous activity, there’s a version of PRIZMs for every occasion.


Created in 1975, Unobtainium was the first material patented by Oakley to be used on specific temple tips and nose pads. A key part of the brand’s 3-Point Fit, the material ensures the best possible comfort by increasing grip in order to keep the frame in place without slipping. This type of material plays an integral role in maintaining top performance in a variety of sports.

Iridium Lenses

With the addition of innovative color technology, the brand has set itself apart yet again. Oakley Iridium is a proprietary tint and molecular anti-glare coating added to the lenses, making it even better for any type of condition you can imagine. The tint comes in a variety of colors, each formulated and designed for the right balance between light reflection, transmission, and absorption of the lens, depending on the environment and activity.

High Definition Optics

This lens technology optimizes safety and performance to meet the uncompromising demands of professional athletes who will settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, and most accurate vision. It offers truer, more accurate vision versus conventional lenses that magnify images and make objects appear shifted from their true position. When athletes need accurate imaging from their eyewear, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics.

Our Favorite Oakleys

The Sutro

Sutro comes in a variety of rimmed and semi-rimless options, fit for anyone’s unique style and performance requirements. Inspired by the urban cycling culture, the high-wrap shield creates a distinctive, bold look while protecting you from the elements. Featuring available PRIZM lens technology, these frames are built for and help inspire the athlete inside all of us.

Oakley – Sutro Black/Purple

Oakley – Sutro S Polished Black/Prizm Jade

The Radar EV

Radar EV eyewear’s been engineered for the best possible ventilation that helps evaporate sweat while keeping airflow away from the user’s eyes. While designed with the best athletes in the world in mind, Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads make sure the wearer is incredibly comfortable while feeling like tike a top-tier performer. With available PRIZM lenses and O Matter frames, these performance sunglasses ensure maximum contrast, along with unmatched durability under even the most extreme environments.

Oakley – Radar Ev Path Matte Silver Blue Colorshift/Prizm Road

Our Favorite Oakleys

Oakley – Radar EV Pitch White/Purple

The Holbrook

Inspired by the Hollywood heroes of the past, Holbrook’s design epitomizes the classic spirit of adventure. Featuring Oakley’s O Matter technology, Square O metal icon, and front rivet accents, you won’t go wrong with this national treasure. Its iconic American frame design is available with Oakley’s PRIZM lenses and High Definition Optics for incredible contrast and renowned clarity. These shades are perfect for fans of the modern frame design with a penchant for performance lenses and lightweight, ready-to-go frames.

Our Favorite Oakleys

Oakley – Holbrook Gray Camo/Orange

Our Favorite Oakleys

Oakley – Holbrook Gray/Blue

The Gascan

Oakley traded soft curves for straight edges and hard lines to sculpt the brand’s very first high-wrap lifestyle sunglasses. Featuring O Matter frame material, and High Definition Optics, these modern sunglasses are a fresh take on current trends, while providing extreme clarity and a super lightweight feel. With available polarized and Iridium lens options available, Gascan shades make for the perfect combination of style and performance.

Our Favorite Oakleys

Oakley – Gascan Matte Black Camo/Prizm Deep Water

Our Favorite Oakleys

Oakley – Gascan Black/Gray

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