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Cartier Fashion Eyewear

When it comes to luxury eyewear with a long, rich history of stately designs, look no further than Cartier fashion eyewear. Through decades of refining the brand and style, Cartier has become internationally recognized for being synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

Cartier’s impressive history began when Louis-Francois Cartier acquired a jewelry shop in Paris during the late 19th century. Into the 20th century, Cartier’s customer base extended to monarchs, such as Prince Lobanov. This was the turning point for the Cartier brand becoming the gold standard for extravagance and accessorizing the powerful.

Cartier frames are impeccably crafted and still evoke memories of their beginnings more than a century ago. Cartier fashion eyewear can be found worldwide. The eyewear, whether it be traditional oval frames or a more eclectic design, is recognizable by signature Cartier motifs. It is often engraved with precious metals, fine jewelry, and precious stones. Cartier eyewear is also frequently adorned with iconic letter C in a frame’s metal hardware.

Cartier promises each frame is carefully crafted and with the use of materials that are both high-quality and eco-friendly. With their commitment to finesse, Cartier has been and will always be the gold standard of luxury eyewear. Their reputation of luxury and nobility looms large with an interpretation of timeless elegance with a modern twist.

As part of a select group of authorized retailers, Designer Eyes is proud to showcase Cartier fashion eyewear to luxury-minded customers. Below, we feature a select number of the most stellar Cartier sunglasses and eyeglasses of the season.

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Stylish Cartier Eyeglasses

Cartier has brought royalty in all of their masterfully crafted eyeglasses and sunglasses for over 150 years. Today, one can enjoy Designer Eyes’ latest selection of Cartier frames to shop for the ultimate accessory of a luxurious lifestyle.

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