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Dita for the Holidays

There’s never been a more perfect time than now to start thinking about gift ideas for your loved ones by gifting DITA for the holidays. DITA has been a staple in the eyewear industry since 1995, when they launched their discreet luxury label with bold frames and timeless shaped lenses. Using state-of-the-art technology, DITA exemplifies bold innovation with an unparalleled dedication to maintaining their reputation as a leader in optics and sunglasses.

With an impressive following and worn by celebrities, athletes and musicians, DITA has the fashion industry covered with their flare for outlandish style and boldness. Starting over 25 years ago, DITA’s collections drew their inspiration from the 1950’s and 1960’s, showcasing a retro silhouette look combined with bold colored lenses.

Reinventing themselves as a leader in the industry took confidence and a focus on quality. DITA prides themselves on taking their designs seriously and consistently pouring time into their designs and creations. Using only the highest grade of beta-titanium, which is a 1/3 of the weight of steel, DITA creates their frames that are thin, yet durable and flexible.

DITA uses the utmost quality acetate available in the industry, giving their lenses a beautiful finish. All of DITA’s lenses highlight an anti-reflective coating which helps reduce any glares from outside flashes or mirrors. As an added measure to procure longevity, DITA glasses and sunglasses are designed with parts that removable and replaceable.

By getting DITA for the holidays, you can rest assured your eyewear will be perfect to the absolute T. DITA’s expertise is creating high-quality, innovative products, which is why DITA constantly launches new collections.

Through careful dedication, all of DITA’s frames are finished in Japan because of their attention to detail with the maximum love and quality. No detail will be lost when you buy a DITA frame, with most of their eyewear taking months to craft and mold – just for you.

With Designer Eyes gearing up for the holiday months, we’re proud to be an exclusive dealer of the latest DITA frames and eyewear. Check out some of the sampling below:

When you wear DITA, you will know that you’re wearing only the highest quality lenses that are a culmination of months and weeks of careful design and craftsmanship.

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