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Mykita Eyewear Designs

Using a combination of specialized craftsmanship and utilizing modern technologies, Mykita Eyewear designs are symbiotic of the integrity they build their lenses with. As a homegrown, independent manufacturer from Berlin since its inception, Mykita engineers their frames in-house to provide a most exquisite, meticulous eyewear experience.

Award-winning and fully patented, Mykita is famous for their simplistic, yet functional look. Putting an extra emphasis on craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials, the Mykita frames are built for everyday use, yet stylish.

A hallmark of some of the Mykita frames are its openly displayed spiral hinge that originally started off as an incidental style element of the frames. Giving it more flavor, the Mykita frames with the displayed hinge, became a guiding principle for the brand. Create frames that are both technical and aesthetically pleasing.

With aspirations to go beyond the norms and conventional stylings of other eyewear brands, Mykita pushes the envelope when it comes to significant research and development of their frames. Through their unique innovation and timeless, creative styles, Mykita consistently rolls out a wide-ranging styles of collections.

Methodically built, each frame in its own uniqueness, is a microcosm of what Mykita represents from their core: homegrown, with a variety of styles for every walk of life. Distinguishing the Mykita brand from its competitors has been its diverse variety, ranging from standard rectangular shapes to wide-eyed square frames to round and aviator options.

Focusing on every detail of every frame has always been Mykita’s calling card and the new Mykita eyewear designs aren’t any different.

Designer Eyes, one of a few exclusive dealers of the Mykita brand, is proud to unveil a few of their vast collection.

Mykita Sunglasses:


Bringing elegance and extravagance to all shapes and face sizes since 1995, Mykita stands above the rest in its vast collection styles and designs.

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