Celine Eyewear and Sunglasses
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Celine Eyewear and Sunglasses

The celebrated Celine eyewear and sunglasses brand began as a maker of children’s shoes in 1945. It wasn’t until a pivot to fashion-wear in 1960 that the esteemed brand of Celine would offer an array of leather handbags, loafers, and gloves. Celine became an international icon in luxurious fashion.

Celine eyewear is uniquely understated. It is entirely crafted in Italy and brings an artistic flair. It balances the elegant with the bold through use of daring proportions, familiar shapes, and moody forms.

All Celine styles feature playful combinations of shapes. Their lenses artfully form to create a stunning accessory with a comfortable ease. The timeless Celine collection offers sophistication with an ample assortment of frame shapes, including cat eye and square.

Made of the finest quality materials, Celine aims to come up with a modern timelessness for both and women and succeeds in their eyewear and sunglasses collections.

Celine Sunglasses Collection

Celine - CL4004IN Black to Havana Gradient/Grey Square Women Sunglasses

The enchanting Celine sunglasses collection features oversized frames with a black to Havana gradient pattern. This timeless classic showcases a color palette like no other and vows to turn heads. Reminiscent of Celine’s flair for luxurious design, these frames invite the imagination into fashion paradise. Especially unique is the Celine shape print on the frames, giving it an iconic Celine-like design flair.

Shop the Black to Havana Gradient/Grey Square Women Sunglasses

Celine - CL40165U Semi-Shiny Palladium/Smoke Round Men Sunglasses

The CL40165U sunglasses feature an oversized round shape that focuses on a large colored lens. The palladium metal frames bestow a high-quality feel and a rich sense of style. The eye-catching dark green lenses are ideal to be worn during the daytime. While they fit best as a men’s medium, they may also be suitable for women who wear larger-sized frames.

Shop the Semi-Shiny Palladium/Smoke Round Men Sunglasses.

Celine - CL40187I Shiny Black/Smoke Cat Eye Women Sunglasses - 51mm

With Celine’s iconic three-dot insignia as with many of their frames and a smokey cat-eye look, these powerful sunglasses will impress suitors and friends alike. A long or oversized frame offers the wearer ample visibility.

Shop the Black/Smoke Cat Eye Women Sunglasses

Celine - CL40163I 5556E Havana/Bronze Irregular Women Sunglasses - 55mm

The simplified form of these square women’s sunglasses lack nothing in style. They are more casual than others in the collection and feature a glossy finish on the frame and three dots emblazoned on the temples. For one who strives to make memorable impressions, the oversized shape of these sunglasses are a dream come true.

Shop the Havana/Bronze Irregular Women Sunglasses

Celine Eyeglasses Collection

Celine - CL50079I-53001 Shiny Black Square Men Eyeglasses - 53mm

Celine’s collection of eyeglasses is luxuriously stunning with their timeless 3-dot iconic insignia on the temples and front of the frames. The wide, oversized shapes are captivating. They carry with them a distinctively mesmerizing look for ultimate sophistication.

Shop the Shiny Black Square Men Eyeglasses

Celine - CL50091I Havana Round Men Eyeglasses - 49mm

Shop the Celine Havana Round Men Eyeglasses

The round-shaped design of these havana eyeglasses emits a combination of sophistication and contemporary edge. They look great on all shapes and size faces and are a great choice for flaunting the stylishness that comes with the legacy of Celine.

Celine as a Combination of Modern and Vintage

Celine has long been known for taking its chic designs and innovating upon them with a modern twist. With their oversized lenses and unwavering boldness, Celine eyewear is bound to continue withholding timeless understated beauty

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