Top 5 Eyewear Styles: A Dita Shopping Guide
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Top 5 Eyewear Styles: A Dita Shopping Guide 2022

The Dita origin began when a unique duo, united by a shared passion for design, created one of the top eyewear brands that have created what is arguably the 5 best eyewear styles of the season. The brand’s designs are inspired by the vintage looks of the 1950s to 1980s. With a keen eye for detail and a reputation for incredible craftsmanship, the Dita brand is at the top of the luxury eyewear echelon.

Dita utilizes modern materials and shapes to craft high-quality frames with an homage to the top eyewear designers of the past. Each frame incorporates excellent minutiae and detail. The forms and materials of the frames speak for themselves. Rather than plastering its logo at the forefront of visual highlight points, the originality and exclusivity of Dita frames are marked with subtle logo placement. Dita’s design studio is based in Los Angeles, and all frames are carefully crafted in Japan using only the highest quality materials. Dita frames have been the choice of many A-list celebrities, including Jessica Simpson, Brad Pitt, Lenny Kravitz, Penelope Cruz, and Jamie Foxx.

Out of Designer Eyes’ extensive selection of Dita eyewear, the style experts at Designer Eyes have selected five Dita frames that are anticipated to make a strong impression this year.

Our Favorite High-Fashion Dita Styles

Dita – Nemora Women’s Eyeglasses

Dita - Nemora

The Dita Nemora pays tribute to the past with the traditional cat-eye frame, but adds a unique twist. The most notable feature of this style is the titanium ridge that outlines the cat-eye shape. These sophisticated frames incorporate many additional fine details. The end result is a frame that looks as luxurious as it feels to wear. The Nemora style is comfortable enough to wear for the duration of the day. Whether you shop at Designer Eyes in person or online, you can add prescription lenses to your purchase of Dita eyeglasses.

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Dita – Iambic Eyeglasses

Dita - Iambic

The Iambic’s semi-rimless design is a reference to the classic browline style of eyewear. The Iambic artfully incorporates fine details such as titanium bridge pieces, titanium brows, and Dita’s custom-made screws and temple tips. The metal cable lens wires around the bridge make these glasses a sight to behold. This innovative design feature adds to the rarity of these eyeglasses. At Designer Eyes, the lenses can be fitted with blue light blocking lenses and prescription lenses.

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DITA Flight-006 Unisex Sunglasses

Dita - Flight 006

The Dita Flight-006 sunglasses feature a classic shape constructed for a sleek, modern look. They are a fitting tribute to the bravery of the post-war fighters. The double bridge and navigator shape creates a style with a masculine edge. The gradient lenses, which have anti-reflective coating, provide ease and convenience for the wearer with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The frame is constructed of titanium and lightweight acetate. The sunglasses have a medium fit and elevate an ordinary outfit with style.

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DITA Sunbird Women’s Sunglasses

Dita - Sunbird

Dita Sunbird cat eye sunglasses make a bold expression of personality and style. The thin titanium temples are artfully juxtaposed with an oversized gradient lens. Sunbird sunglasses are available in three incredible variations at Designer Eyes until they sell out. They are an exclusive addition to Designer Eyes’ collection of Dita sunglasses.

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Dita – Mach One Sunglasses

Dita - Mach One

The Dita Mach-One draws inspiration from an infatuation with the construction of race cars, speed boats, and planes. Mach-One sunglasses give off intensity in a way only the finest of machines can. The rugged style is great for elevating a casual outfit. It is built with gradient lenses and the best materials. While the sunglasses may appear as though they would be heavy, they feel astoundingly comfortable and luxurious.

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Dita Eyewear Reputation

Dita annually releases transformative eyewear with innovative designs. The brand’s reputation is reinforced by the volume of celebrities who sport Dita frames. Dita’s clout in the fashion industry has continuously increased in high esteem. This is largely due to the brand’s use of cutting-edge technology and commitment to high-quality eyewear.

At the end of the frame production is the process where each frame is hand-soldered to the bridge and then surface touched by hand to ensure high-quality standards. From the production of the carefully crafted frame to each hinge and screw, each Dita eyewear piece is custom-built from the bottom up. After the frames are handed off to an expert craftsman to be hand-polished, thoroughly go through the quality review and hand-assembly before being placed in our customer’s hands.

When one buys a pair of Dita eyewear at Designer Eyes, one receives the hand-crafted pair of eyewear in its entirety. This includes any authentication cards, cleaning cloths, and original packaging. We provide an exceptional collection of Dita eyewear online and in each of our boutiques.

Experience Dita for yourself and see the difference.

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