fendi summer collection

Fendi Summer Collection

The Fendi Summer Collection Release comes from the brand synonymous with luxury and elegance. Deeply rooted as an Italian fashion icon since 1925, Fendi showcases its incredible style in a brand new collection that debuts this summer. Known for its extravagant yet modern designs, Fendi once again pushes the envelope and continues to impress with its flair for the panache.

For nearly 100 years, the seminal “double F” logo has been the paradigm of luxury and dazzling elegance. This year’s new collection does not disappoint. The Fendi eyeglasses collection offers multiple styles and frame types, providing the perfect eyewear for all that will speak to personal individuality and style.

Fendi also provides the proper accouterments and accessories that complement their chic eyewear that can make anyone feel confident and bold wearing their exquisite lines. Eyeglasses were made for the sophisticated and Fendi checks every box when it comes to style, contemporaneousness and luxury.

Introducing the New Fendi Summer Collection Release

Fendi Stripes: New Fashion Metal Line

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Stripes

The creativity behind the Fendi Stripes line gives off a true, fashionable look that will showcase exquisite femininity.

fendi stripes technical details

The striped lens is a unique concept by Zeiss that has become exclusive to Fendi. It carries an elegant appearance with a hint of flair. The thin metal frames accentuated by the oversized, geometric lens shapes give this unique brand of Fendi a showstopper look.

fendi FE40015U fendi FE40016U

Fendi Bold: Ode to Timeless Feminity

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Bold

The Fendi Summer Collection Release blends remarkable craftsmanship and unique textures and colors, and the Fendi Bold is the epitome of glamor and elegance. This unique style of glasses is a creative and technical masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Portraying fashionable at its finest, it boasts a unique boldness with enriching shapes and sizes.

Fendi Bold Technical Details

fendi FE40017I fendi FE40018I

This style is inspired by the oversized but low rectangular look. When it is paired with bold temples, it accentuates one’s fashionable flair.

Fendi Bold Inspiration

The variations blend a unique contrast of ivory/beige temples with contrasting Special Havanas on the front of the lens.

Fendi Bold Shape

Fendi Bold Pattern

Fendi Way: The New Perspective of Elegance

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Way

Introducing The Fendi Way line, a perennially recognizable acetate line that is uniquely fashionable and cutting-edge. With an astonishing blend of contrasting colors and unexpected cuts, it merges creativity and smarts together in this fine collection. The line features four unique cat-eye acetate shapes, with two of those shapes in blue-block lenses.

Fendi Way Technical Details

The Fendi Way line is a simplistic, yet highly-detailed collection with the distinct Fendi flair. The style fits comfortably on one’s face, gently adorning your temples with its iconic “F” Fendi logo.

The new Fendi product line features four distinct colors and proudly showcases new blue-block lenses.

fendi FE40009I fendi FE40010U

fendi FE40019I fendi FE40019I

Inspired by the mood of the FW21 Women’s Show, these cat-eye frames feature tone-on-tone color combinations that will make you feel like royalty.

Fendi Design Inspiration fendi tone on tone color combinations

Fendi Baguette: Born to Be a Star

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Baguette

As a true testament to the Fendi brand, the Fendi Baguette offers comfortability to go with the elegance and modern look Fendi is famous for in the new Fendi Summer Collection Release. Easy to wear but not compromising on style and allure, the Fendi Baguette radiates power and confidence like no other. The frames are equipped with acetate and metal fronts combined with elegant gold metal tips for your temples.

Fendi Baguette Details

The Fendi Baguette is inspired by the Fendi logo and the Fendi Handbag. It features a vast array of choices in style, colors, and shapes.

fendi FE40011U fendi FE40012U fendi FE40014U

fendi FE40013U fendi FE40021I

The iconic logo, as seen on the Fendi Baguette handbag, is featured on the temple of each pair of Baguette sunglasses. The elegant form invites confidence as it projects a sense of power.

Fendi HandbagFendi Logo Temple


Fendi Lettering: Everyday Fendi Fun

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Lettering

Get ready for a new, airy, and easy-to-wear sunglasses for Fall 2021. The new Fendi Lettering line features full acetate frames embossed with a rubberized PVC Fendi logo on the temples. For every-day use, this modern, yet elegant look features two styles ready to wow this coming fall.

Fendi Lettering Technical Details

Modern, feminine acetate frames that are easy to wear for everyday use.

fendi FE40007I fendi FE40008U

Bold and prominent lettering of the Fendi logo accentuated on the temples of the frames giving the frames the ultimate elegant touch.

Fendi Lettering Letters

With a wide array of colors in its palette, the Fendi Lettering collection offers a wide assortment for the emboldened woman!

Fendi Fendi

Fendi Technicolor: The Mask of the Future

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Technicolor

As featured at the FW21 Men’s Show, this perfect combination of technicity and creativity fused as the most visible sunglasses seen on a Fendi catwalk ever. A work of art, this pair of sunglasses features an alarming mix of conflicting shapes and materials rolled into one astonishing pair. The sunglasses are universally fitting and have adjustable nose pads.

A truly unique and sophisticated design with a lens eyebrow affixed by two contrasting colors as pins, further enhancing the design of this frame.

Fendi Technicolor Frame Fendi Technicolor Frame

The metal temples with the Openwork Maxi Fendi logo encapsulates a truly remarkable and elegant frame, capped with acetate temple tips.

FF Evolution: Capitalize on a best seller

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi FF Evolution

Inspired by the “Fendi Fabulous” Best-Seller reinvented into a hot new look! This new design features a squared pilot mask that is lighter fitting and dedicated, adjustable nose pads.

Fendi FF Evolution Technical Details

These fashion squared pilot mask with soft curves is extremely light and refined with injected nylon. Multiple SKUs to choose from.

Fendi FF Evolution SKUs

The frame is accented with a metal temple with acetate temple tips that focus on comfort with contrasting colors.

Fendi FF Evolution Metal Temple

Fendi Travel: Contemporary Design for Modern Gentleman

Fendi Summer Collection Release - Fendi Travel

The Fendi Travel collection is geared towards the modern gentleman. The Fendi Travel line showcases a modern-day design featuring metal details and branded signatures. With uniquely engraved “FF” on top of the metal rim and colored metal around the lower part of the lenses.

Fendi Travel Details

fendi FE40004U fendi FE40005U

Pilot shaped sunglasses in rounded and squared types show off a contemporary design and are easy to wear.

Fendi Travel Shapes

The metal rim or double bridge comes fully customized with the refined “FF” logo attached on in relief.

Fendi Travel

With the elegant double “F” pattern emblazoned on the frames, the rims come with an extra thin colored metal wire to give the sunglasses a more modern look.

Fendi Travel Lower Rim

Fendi Diagonal: Leverage on Leather Goods Success

Fendi Summer Collection Release - fendi diagonal

Encapsulating the Fendi diagonal design from the leather goods and accessories on this distinctive line gives it a cool and easy look. The pilot shape lenses branded with the iconic “FF” pattern, plus the diagonal detail gives this line a touch of elegance and color. The frames are easy to wear as they are fitted with adjustable nose pads and have a universal fit.

fendi diagonal technical details

The “Athleisure” line combines the iconic pilot shaped sunglasses with an acetate and metal double bridge.

fendi athleisure

The line features a beautifully unique rubber soft-touch material insert on the temple with “FF” logo pattern in high-relief in tobacco or black combinations.

fendi diagonal rubber

The Fendi Diagonal is true to its name with the diagonal detail on the temple in contrasted colors like red and yellow.

fendi diagonal detail

The Fendi Diagonal line is a classic sunglasses line that features a contrast of colored sporty touch on the eyewear’s temples.

Fendi Essential

Fendi Essential

The new Fendi Essential line is now available to our optical collections. These frames blend timeless elegance with distinct, yet hidden branded details. Three shape options are available for all looks and styles.

fendi FE50004I fendi FE50005I fendi FE50006I

A transparent acetate can be found inside the temple with a visible corewire encapsulating the frames.

Fendi Essential Details

The iconic “FF” logo is patterned on the visible portion of the corewire with multiple finishings in shinny and matte.

fendi essential pattern

These timeless acetate shaped frames are accented with elegant rivets on the front and on the temples.

fendi essential rivets

The Fendi Essential line comes with its iconic tip shape.

fendi essential temple

Fendi Packaging

fendi packaging

Each set of eyewear is packaged in a shiny black soft pouch made of recycled material. A convenient gold hook makes it easy to attach to a bag or belt. The pouches are branded with the iconic Fendi logo in yellow or white. Each pair of sunglasses also comes with a recycled microfiber cleaning cloth.

Fendi Boxes

Each pair of sunglasses are delivered with an authenticity card in a convenient Fendi yellow box.

fendi optical packaging

The optical collections are packaged with a black semi-rigid triangular case using recycled material. The easy automatic mechanism comes branded with the Fendi logo on the front.

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