DIOR Fall Winter Women Collection

DIOR Fall Winter Collection

The DIOR Fall Winter Collection features the awe-inspiring designs of the DiorSignature, DiorClub, DiorBobby, GemDior, CD Link, and DiorEssential styles. The fall winter line is an exquisite collection indicative of classic DIOR with its trademark emblazoned logo, leaving its mark on each pair for the world to see.

Exuding a boldness balanced with elegance, the collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses gives self-expression a new meaning. Each frame, fashioned with exquisite detail, is uniquely crafted to give off a confident but contemporary look. DIOR, famous for its technicality amid a vast array of styles, has always been synonymous with graceful excellence.

DIOR Fall Winter Collection – DiorSignature

Dior Fall Winter Women Collection - DiorSignature

The DiorSignature line welcomes two new shapes to the DIOR women’s arsenal, this time with a new rectangular flat top and butterfly-designed look. With the flat top rectangular look, you’ll get sharp angles adorned with trademark inscriptions of refined gold. The gold metal dots and exquisite lines give it a qualitative touch and a feel unlike any other DIOR frame. Clearly identified with the CHRISTIAN DIOR signature, you know you will be left with pure DIOR elegance and panache.


Dior Fall Winter Women Collection - DiorBobby

DiorBobby sunglasses have a unique combined shape in two variations: square and pilot. Each acetate lens has refined rims with the iconic gold internal DIOR signature inspired by the DIOR Bobby women’s handbag clasp. The pilot-shaped DiorBobby has soft edges and curves with the gold CD logo signature on the inside of the frame.


DIOR takes functional eyeglasses and transforms them into a fashion accessory. The GemDior style has the CD logo engraved on the temple of the frames, fully enriched with hand-applied enamel gel. It is with this style that DIOR introduces blue block lenses, a revolutionary technology aimed at reducing blue light exposure for optimal aesthetics and comfort.


Dior Club DiorClub M1U

A top seller, the DiorClub women’s visor, is a silver mirrored visor with an adjustable white and grey band. The mirrored design of high coverage is also exhibited in the DiorClub frames. The DiorClub sunglasses feature a similar look to the DiorClub Visor, sharing silver mirror lens material on its white and grey frames and gold temples.

CD Link

Dior Fall Winter Women Collection - DIOR CD Link

The CD Link comes in three masculine shapes: pilot, square, and square acetate. These beach-going frames with gray DIOR lenses will pop and make a fashion statement wherever you go. The CD Link SIU features a strap for ease of use. The CD Link SIU sunglasses have frames of translucent gray that reveal the silver metal framework, and other variations of the CD Link style feature a bare silver metal frame.


DIOR Essential

With the DiorEssential, the DIOR Fall Winter Collection brings this frame to the next level with its new sporty and technical frames. The new pilot frames feature a sporty line detail on the double bridge with carbon fiber temples fully resistant, light and for optimal comfort. The PVC nose pads has the identifiable emblematic DIOR engraved and riveted for ultimate style.

The DIOR Fall Winter Collection by Designer Eyes

At DesignerEyes.com, we always bring the latest and most exclusive updatin eyewear and sunglasses. With this newly released classy DIOR collection, we know you will be the talk of the town with your new eyewear.

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