Gold Oakley Kato Prizm 24K

See the Future in Gold with the Gold Oakley Kato Prizm 24K

Oakley has announced the debut of the Oakley Kato Prizm 24K sunglasses just in time for the Olympics in Tokyo later this month. If the Olympics represent bringing together the best athletes together to compete, then Oakley has brought its best for the biggest stage on the planet.

The summer games participants will be outfitted with the latest and most impressive lenses Oakley has put out yet to energize Team Oakley with all the fortitude they need in their quest for the Gold. The Olympic athletes will be brimming with full confidence while wearing the Oakley Kato Prizm 24K sunglasses, pushing them to their limits in these timeless frames.

Gold Oakley Kato Prizm 24K Gold Oakley Kato Prizm Contour Oakley Kato Nosepad and Shape

Built with purpose, the Oakley Kato conforms to the contours of the face and will give the athletes maximum comfort while they give maximum performances. With its impressive wrap design and frameless build, the Oakley Kato features innovative tilt functions and adjustable, multiple nosepads to create a custom fit like no other. Giving the athletes an expanded view through its optimized lenses, these lenses are designed to enhance all colors and contrasts for maximum detail and definition.

Developed through PhysioMorphic Geometry, the Oakley Kato features the newest in innovation brought to the optical design. Following its predecessors in innovation by Oakley, the PhysioMorphic Geometry unlocks the limitless potential of how the sunglasses can coincide with the human sports experience. With an innovative combination of an extended lens wrap coupled with the rigidity in key areas of the frames, Oakley Kato’s technology has reached beyond the boundaries.

Patented Oakley Wide View

Starting July 8th, the Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K will be available for athletes of all creeds, ages and level of expertise.


With a progressive design fit close to the face, the design of the lens gives the wearer an optimal, enhanced coverage with wide viewing while maintaining the retention of impact protection.

Thanks to the latest advancements in lens technology, PhysioMorphic Geometry has  combined the forces of the rigid, fortified lens with the precise, extended wrap for maximum viewing.

Rake Mechanism
Giving athletes full comfort with the lens has been further enhanced with a tilt mechanism that will allow wearers to properly and comfortably utilize the lens’ every features.

Providing the user three Unobtainium® nosepads of different depths and thickness will create different offsets with multiple nonslip options for your face.

Prizm Lens Technology
With its patented Prizm technology, the lenses will provide clear contrasts and colors for absolute viewing and detail for the athlete looking to get any edge on the playing field.

Oakley Kato Prizm 24K Lenses Now Available!

When milliseconds are what separates the champions from its competition, Oakley has risen to the occasion again for its athletes with the innovative Oakley Kato.

Check out the new collection here and go for gold!


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