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Celine Buying Guide: Classic Designer Sunglasses

Designer Eyes houses some of the top exclusive brands in the world, bringing the classic designer sunglasses brand Celine to our valued customers both in-store and online.

Creating must-have statement eyewear collections year after year, the Celine brand features an industry-leading style that has graced the faces of many celebrities across the fashionista community. The Celine brand, known for its absolute perfection in high-quality, ground-breaking accessories and bags, has made its indelible mark on the eyewear industry.

As a leader in the fashion industry, Celine has been making statements of its own and has held its spot as one of the most sought-after brands in the world. Designer Eyes boasts a wide array of the most sought-after brands in the world and Celine brings another unparalleled level of exclusivity and panache to its already strong mix of eyewear.

Bringing its elegant style to the eyewear industry, the Celine brand has made a profound impact and can embellish any ensemble with its highlighted sense of style and glamour.

A proud French brand, Celine has become the trendsetter in its modern flair for elegance. With a cult-like following, the Celine brand turned a basic everyday staple like sunglasses into a must-have add-on to any chic clothing line.

Turning heads since 1945, Celine has a few distinctive eyewear options for the elegant and fashionable and Designer Eyes is proud to be an exclusive partner in bringing it to our customers.

CL4001IN Black to Havana Gradient/Brown Shield Women Sunglasses

Celine - CL4001IN Black to Havana Gradient Brown Shield Women Sunglasses

Handcrafted in Italy from durable material and embellished with fine bead detailing, this update on a sunglasses classic from Celine comes in a rectangular shape. Subtle, yet stylish, these Celine classic sunglasses will help elevate your fashion sense and turn some heads in the process.

CL4003IN Shiny Black/Green Oval Women Sunglasses – 48mm

CL4003IN Shiny Black/Green Oval Women Sunglasses - 48mm

These sharp and sleek designed frames offer full UV protection and a charming look accented by the iconic three-dot embellishments on the top part of the frames. Made of high-quality acetate materials, these Italian-made frames are perfect for any high-class outing.

Cl40092I Dark Havana/Gradient Brown Geometric Women Sunglasses – 60mm

Celine - Cl40092I Dark Havana Gradient Brown Geometric Women Sunglasses

This bold Celine sunglasses pair features sharp angles and a unique bridge look from the iconic French brand. Accented with a gradient color palette, these frames offer a bold and chic spin on the fashionably overstated.

CL40187I Coloured Havana/Gradient Smoke Cat Eye Women Sunglasses – 51mm

CL40187I Coloured Havana:Gradient Smoke Cat Eye Women Sunglasses

Celine takes a unique, geometric spin to its already iconic brand’s great line of sunglasses. With the quintessential 3 dots look on the front and temples of the frames, they also feature the gold Celine logo on the temple and are topped off with gradient smoke lenses to complete this unique look.

CL40197U Blue/Smoke Square Unisex Sunglasses – 54mm

CL40197U Blue:Smoke Square Unisex Sunglasses

These one-of-a-kind cat-eye frames are made of high-quality acetate with smoke organic lenses. Truly a sight to behold, these high-functioning frames turn the classic into bold in the exemplary Celine way.

Celine Available at Designer Eyes

Very few in the world can provide the overstated elegance that Celine can bring and Designer Eyes is a proud provider of all sought-after frames and classic designer sunglasses the world over. Celine proudly represents one of the top classic designer sunglasses brands Designer Eyes houses both in-store and online.

Visit one of our boutiques or online to see the custom care firsthand with all the time and devotion your eyewear experience deserves.

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