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Where to Buy Best Sunglasses: Tiffany

Designer Eyes answers the question of where to buy the best sunglasses across America as a leader in exclusive designer eyewear brands in the world. As one of the top designer brands, Tiffany holds the gold standard as one of the most lavish and high-end in the industry.

Recently, A-lister Pharell Williams stunned the world with his custom-made Tiffany & Co. sunglasses at the REAL-TO-WEAR show at the Galerie Vivienne on January 23.

Custom-made with 61 round diamonds and spanning 25 total carats, these elaborate frames are works of art, gracing the face of one of the top celebrities in the world.

Featuring two emerald-cut emeralds that can be found on each side of the piece and the rest of the body made of 18K gold, Pharell Williams truly made a fashion statement at the event.

While the exquisite Williams’ collaboration with Tiffany is a rare occurrence, the high-end experience can be yours with our wide Tiffany collection on DesignerEyes.com.

Combining modern accents with a sophisticated style, the Tiffany brand draws its iconic inspiration from the timeless styles that preceded them. Innovative and the embodiment of pinpoint craftsmanship, the Tiffany eyewear brand feeds off the luxurious and exquisite.

At Designer Eyes, expect to be wowed with their wide selection of designer brands. Check out some of our top Tiffany eyewear options:

Tiffany Sunglasses Tiffany Women Sunglasses 55mm

Tiffany – TF4121B Black/Green Mirror Butterfly Women Sunglasses – 55mm

Tiffany Eyeglasses Tortoise Clear Lens Eyeglasses

Tiffany – TF2160B Tortoise Cat Eye Women Eyeglasses – 54mm

Tiffany - Rubedo:Rose Gold Mirror Butterfly Women Sunglasses

Tiffany – TF3072 Rubedo/Rose Gold Mirror Butterfly Women Sunglasses – 59mm

Tiffany Eyeglasses Black Oval Women Eyeglasses 53mm

Tiffany – TF2109HB Black Oval Women Eyeglasses – 53mm

Tiffany - TF3066 Silver:Blue Gadient Aviator Women Sunglasses - 62mm

Tiffany – TF3066 Silver/Blue Gadient Aviator Women Sunglasses – 62mm

Tiffany - TF4169 Black:Smoke Butterfly Women Sunglasses - 54mm

Tiffany – TF4169 Black/Smoke Butterfly Women Sunglasses – 54mm

Where to Buy the Best Sunglasses

When you are looking where to buy the best sunglasses, look no further than Designer Eyes, offering free shipping anywhere in the United States when buying online at DesignerEyes.com. Visit one of our boutiques and experience luxury eyewear for yourself firsthand with one of our many designer eyewear specialists.

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