Women's Valentine's Day Gift Guide
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Women’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect women’s Valentine’s Day gift, which is why Designer Eyes is pleased to release this helpful Women’s Valentine’s Day gift guide in preparation for the upcoming holiday of love. As one of the very few exclusive retailers of the best sunglasses in the world today, Designer Eyes offers a vast selection of luxury sunglasses to explore in pursuit of the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day is a special time in any couple’s life, and a wise practice for finding an exceptional gift is by identifying the characteristics of the recipient’s personality and style. This can go a long way. Our women’s Valentine’s Day gift guide offers a quick breakdown of some of the hottest and most modern brands worldwide today. We will take key traits and pair them with luxury brands to help direct you to the perfect sunglasses for her.

For shoppers who find it a challenge to find the perfect gift, finding an eyewear brand based on the gift recipient’s personality or fashion taste is a great way to begin the quest for the perfect gift. Conveniently detailed below, our women’s Valentine’s Day gift guide will direct you to find the right frames for every women’s style and personality.

Valentines Day - Cartier

For the Sophisticated, Prestigious Woman

If you’re looking for elegance and prestige, look no further than Designer Eyes’ collection of Cartier sunglasses. Cartier sunglasses are popular around this time of year because Cartier is the crème de la crème of designer eyewear. Designer Eyes is one of only a few authorized online retailers of Cartier eyewear. At Designer Eyes, you will find exclusive styles crafted with exquisite materials. Our website and boutiques carry a wide array of styles and frame shapes.

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Valentine's Day - DIOR

For the Contemporary Woman with Bold Aspirations

When it comes to fashion, no brand bestows bold style quite like DIOR. Designer Eyes carries a selection of women’s DIOR sunglasses with sizes ranging from thin to oversized. DIOR sunglasses are perfect for a woman with a confident personality and a strong sense of style. Celebrating style with modern creativity lifts the DIOR brand above the rest.

Most frames are available in colors such as black, tortoise, and ivory. In addition to these classic colors, Designer Eyes also carries several frames that feature the iconic DIOR Oblique pattern on the lenses. This popular motif is notably popular amongst women who love to accentuate the designer features of their accessories.

For the woman who already has every pair of sunglasses, the style experts at Designer Eyes recommend the DIOR Club V1U visor. This visor is available in stores and online in five color variations, including one with the DIOR Oblique pattern, for a limited time only.


Valentine's Day - Fendi

For the Artistic Woman with a Trendy Style

Fendi is a popular brand for women who stay on trend with their luxury Italian sunglasses. The Fendi brand blends traditional and modern styles. Fendi’s commitment to innovative design and luxury will bestow a feeling of being valorous and exquisite.

With Designer Eyes’ latest releases of Fendi sunglasses, one will find a range of casual and upscale styles in lens colors ranging from traditional to bold. Several pairs of sunglasses, such as FE40013U sunglasses pictured above on the right, are available with the Fendi ‘FF’ pattern artfully designed into the lenses.

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Valentine's Day - Celine

For the Modern Woman with a Minimalistic Style

Celine is the right fit for a modern woman who elevates her style with unique designer accessories. This French luxury brand is the epitome of chic, understated sunglasses. Celine blends modern simplicity with a contemporary look. These sunglasses incorporate a minimalistic design and a subtle logo placement. These sunglasses emit a style that is mystifyingly stunning and powerful.

Celine’s larger sunglasses, as pictured above, are some of the most popular styles among women. For something different, our style experts recommend a pair of oval Celine sunglasses. For women who have lighter complexions or want to dress in the color palette of the spring season, one will find several frames of pastel colors within Designer Eyes’ selection of Celine sunglasses.

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Valentine's Day - Dita

For the Confident Woman with a Spiffy Style

For the creative woman who could walk into a room and command attention, Dita is sure to deliver a bold and extravagant look. Designer Eyes offers dozens of styles from Dita’s assortment of women’s sunglasses. While Dita sunglasses have an imaginative take on classic eyewear designs, they are unmistakably crafted with high quality. Each frame is hand-crafted in Japan with meticulous attention to detail. Dita’s women’s sunglasses have unique names, such as Narcissus (above), Nightbird, and Zazoe. These sunglasses are fantastic for a woman who enjoys making a statement and expressing her creativity through luxury accessories.

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Valentine's Day - Gucci

For the Exciting Woman with a Youthful Personality

Gucci is a top-recommended brand for Valentine’s Day gifts at Designer Eyes boutiques. Gucci personifies a youthful individuality and playfulness that can be paired with a high-fashion sensibility. The designs are often vintage-inspired and become global style trends. Customers at Designer Eyes’ boutiques are drawn to Gucci sunglasses because of the trendy designs and the excellent quality. Gucci sunglasses make an excellent present for a woman with an outgoing personality and a love for luxury.

A Gucci store will typically carry no more than a few dozen pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses at a given time, but Designer Eyes carries an extensive selection of Gucci sunglasses one will not find anywhere else. At Designer Eyes, one can find Gucci sunglasses classic lens colors as well as bright lens colors.

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Valentine's Day - Tom Ford

For the Stately Woman with a Refined Taste

The perfect gift for the refined woman in your life this Valentine’s Day will most likely be a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. Eyewear enthusiasts love Tom Ford for their contemporary collections of well-made frames. Tom Ford inspires the imagination and evokes awe with designs that are luxurious, prestigious, and captivating. The latest and greatest of these styles is currently available at Designer Eyes. There are dozens of styles to choose from, and most are available in multiple color variations.

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Valentine's Day - Jimmy Choo

For the Casual Woman with an Approachable Style

For a fun-loving woman, the style experts at Designer Eyes recommend fashionably cool sunglasses from the Jimmy Choo collection. This brand creates sunglasses that are uniquely chic and approachable. The rounded forms and pastel lens colors exude a sense of calm and ease. These styles are versatile for casual and semi-formal occasions, and the quality is precisely what one would expect from Jimmy Choo. These sunglasses will make the perfect Valentine’s Gift for a woman who loves designer accessories, and they will be far more comfortable than a pair of high heels.

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Discover Sunglasses for Every Woman’s Style

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your significant other how much you appreciate her with a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses she will want to wear all year. With our extensive selection of designer sunglasses, the special woman in your life will have the perfect accessory waiting for her here at Designer Eyes.

We take pride in offering sunglasses from the best luxury brands. In addition to offering an easy-to-use online shopping experience where you can find all the top brand sunglasses online at DesignerEyes.com, Designer Eyes has multiple boutique locations. For the best full-service luxury experience, we invite you to come to a Designer Eyes boutique near you and experience our selection of sunglasses in person.

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