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Jacques Marie Mage Exclusive Collection

Experience eyewear that is truly exceptional.

Designer Eyes welcomes the new collection of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear, now available in our boutiques and online. This modern brand deeply understands eyewear is a lifestyle. It is indeed an honor to offer the newest releases of this incredible brand.

The new Jacques Marie Mage exclusive collection features sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women. The collection contains statement pieces that can only be purchased through Designer Eyes.

Jacques Marie Mage specializes in artisanal eyewear. The brand infuses a rich class of generational production methods in their array of bold, geometric frame shapes. The brand uses bold forms with refined details. Perhaps the most popular detail is the famous arrow-like crest, which JMM places on each frame.

The JMM brand is not unfamiliar to the customers of Designer Eyes’ retail locations. The brand is highly sought after. It is favorited for its unique designs and magnificent quality. All frames in Designer Eyes’ JMM collection are crafted in Japan with meticulous care and precision. The designs infuse a unique blend of historical motifs and modern sensibility. Each detail has been strategically designed and produced for the best experience for the wearer. The result of this labor and care is unlike any other.

The exclusive Jacques Marie Mage collection retells the brand’s story while maintaining the high standards and quality of its progenitor collections. The collection is rich with color and character.

Within this eyewear collection, Jacques Marie Mage carries an inspirational sense of individuality. This eyewear is steeped in cultural heritage and approach. With the frame quality being held to an extremely high standard, each phase of craftsmanship is meticulously executed with care.

It is rare to find such perfection in a line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, but the Jacques Marie Mage collection achieves unprecedented excellence. Each step of the process undergoes a rigorous quality measurement test in order to eliminate any possibility of a production flaw throughout the process.

Of the vast collection of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, a select few of the styles are highlighted in the curation below. These exclusive eyeglasses and sunglasses have been selected for being the most anticipated styles of the season.

Apollinaire 2

Apollinaire2 Cerise

Named after the influential French poet, the Apollinaire frames blend a modern look with historic elegance. They feature a full-rim beta titanium frame. The round lens shape will look best on oblong, square, or oval face shapes. The lenses come with full UV protection and backside anti-reflective treatment. The frame’s adjustable nose pads create a comfortable fit. These nose pads feature the iconic logo with hairline engraving.


Faribank Altan

The Fairbank is a work of art. These sunglasses feature a 100% beta titanium frame with bold anti-reflective lenses. These ’40s-inspired rimless sunglasses feature a 100% beta titanium frame. The style emits a look that is both rugged and elegant. The monoblock titanium hinges create a seamlessly functional experience. The custom cable temples are a unique detail that add to the stylish forms.


Jacques Marie Mage Torino

The bold Torino frames are inspired by the historic Italian theater with its angular 1960s design and rectangular lens shape. It entices the imagination with its juxtaposition of confident forms and precious details. It features a custom hairline-engraved wire core treatment. While the thick arms bestow a feeling of sturdiness, it has been designed to uphold a lightweight feel. Its tortoise frame color is a stylish choice that transcends trend and seasonality.


Jacques Marie Mage Jager

Inspired by the late 1970s, the Jagger is an oversized aviator style of sunglasses. This style emits a modern masculine energy and rhythm. The sunglasses come with custom nose pads, rim wire, and detailed tips. The bold lenses are 100% UV protected. With such an inventive design, this pair of sunglasses are the life of the party in more ways than one. Because only 350 of these have been produced, it is remarkably special to own a pair of the Jagger sunglasses.


Julien Argyle

The Julien style’s design is reminiscent of the smoke-filled jazz bars and the art scene culture of the post-war Paris scene of the 1950s. The sunglasses are carefully constructed with Wellington-shaped frames and a keyhole bridge. They also feature a custom hinge and a unique wire core design. The lenses offer 100% UV protection, and the frames are emblazoned with a 3D metal cameo logo for an exquisite look.


Marbot Gold RX

The Marbot frames are a sight to behold with their octagonal shape. This unisex style features structure and balance. They emit a bold architectural aesthetic. The double-bridge frame is crafted out of titanium and monoblock steel, which adds support and durability to the design. The adjustable nose pads offer comfort and ease of use. These frames can be fitted with a wide variety of lens options. One can read more about the lens options available on our prescription lens page.

Where to Experience Jacques Marie Mage 

With Jacques Marie Mage, you know you are getting the absolute best materials and quality products crafted meticulously for an absolute exquisite look and feel. You will give off an exceptional and sophisticated look that is only available through Designer Eyes’ exclusive collection.

One can find the best experience shopping for Jacques Marie Mage eyewear by visiting a local Designer Eyes boutiques. A team of eyewear stylists and optical specialists would be delighted to help you find the right pair of luxury eyeglasses or sunglasses for you. If there are no Designer Eyes boutiques locally available to you at this time, you can discover the wide selection of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear at DesignerEyes.com.

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