Oakley Encoder Experience

Oakley Encoder Can Do It All for Every Athlete in Every Sport

Oakley has always maintained its place in excellence with their sunglasses pushing the boundaries of the conventional athlete shades. With a passion for optics and aesthetics, the Oakley Encoder provides the frame for every athletes of all sports. As usual, Oakley raises the bar when it comes to sport sunglasses.

The Encoder doesn’t disappoint. With its highly functional design and a higher optimized viewing coverage, the Oakley Encoder gives the weightlessness of frameless sunglasses with a durability meant for sport. By flaring the upper edge of the lens, the design holds a more three-dimensional and practical fit than its competition. The Oakley Encoder brings a simple approach to fitting the lenses to the contour of the athlete’s face while giving them a stylish, wide viewing lens for maximum performance.

Oakley Encoder for Every Athlete

With full impact protection, frame retention, and optimized coverage, the Oakley Encoder makes a great fit for any athlete looking to get an edge. With temples slightly shorter than its predecessors, gives Oakley wearers a newfound compatibility with different size helmet systems. The Unobtainium earsocks provide the athletes with a more grounded, snug fit for top sports retention.

Being an athlete requires a lot of movement, whether in baseball, cycling, rock climbing, or any other extreme sport. The Encoders will not only give an athlete the style and comfort of beautifully constructed sunglasses, but they will also stay snug to your face and give athlete maximum mobility in the process.

Oakley’s patented Prizm™ lenses will provide the athlete with further enhanced color and contrast to extrapolate every detail in the playing field – regardless of the sport. Oakley Encoder comes in many different color combinations for now, and you can choose the color that fits your personality and style. Be sure to select your lens color wisely. While the lenses are a wonder in engineering and design, they are not interchangeable.

Oakley Encoder - BlackOakley Encoder - Gold Oakley Encoder - Blue

The Oakley Encoder is now available for athletes of all sizes and creeds.

Check out the new lenses today and take out the competition.

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