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Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

In a new partnership with Facebook, there is a new way to stay connected through the Ray-Ban smart glasses. These revolutionary sunglasses, known as Ray-Ban Stories, are the first of their kind. They are literally showing the world a new way to capture, share, and listen with your sunglasses.

Ray-Ban has always been at the forefront of innovation and constantly shifting horizons with their styled sunglasses designs. Going through the rock revolution of the 1960s and the art scene of the 80s, Ray-Ban continues its foray into innovation with the latest in wearable tech.

With wearable tech being the next thing in technological innovation, capturing images and video as you see it is a fun, new way to share your everyday adventures with the world. The timeless Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames connect to your phone to bring a new way to share your journey.

With dual 5MP cameras located on the top corners of the frames, the Ray-Ban smart glasses are able to take high-resolution photos and high-quality videos straight from your glasses. With the camera adjusting to the different shades of light during the day, this invention is truly a work of art.

With a simple button on the side of the frame, you’ll never miss a moment in time to capture.

In addition to photography and videography capabilities, this new piece of wearable technology is able to play music being activated by the hyper-responsive touchpad side frame. The wearable frames can also take calls, keeping you truly connected.

With other controls such as volume control and voice command, the Ray-Ban Stories also performs as a surround sound system that is around your head.

Another way Ray-Ban is revolutionizing their eyewear into the 21st century is through the feature of voice control with Facebook assistant. It is another ground-breaking component to these must-have sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Stories frames are available in multiple color variations and in style variations of Wayfarer, Meteor, and Round. Fully designed and as carefully crafted in the way only Ray-Ban can, the pair features the full slate of protective lenses from harmful rays and light. The sunglasses are conveniently packaged in a chargeable compact case. The charging cord and case are included with your purchase.

Accessing your photos and videos captured with the smart glasses is easy. All it takes is a few easy swipes to conveniently view, edit, and share the photos and videos you capture within the Facebook View app. This app is available on the Google Play store and the iOS App Store.

Ray-Ban has changed the course of history with this mesmerizing feat of wearable technology. Truly one of its kind, the sunglasses are not only fully functional and have a keen design sense but function as your high-powered phone or watch would. This new revolution of sunglasses can be found at DesignerEyes.com with complimentary U.S. shipping.

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